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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lifes been good to me so far...

I keep seeing so much bad in the world and even the little things like JR loosing his job, I just don't care. There is SOOOO much I have to be greatful for that I don't mind. I have complete faith that everything will work out that I can just wait for it to happen. I have been at the bottom and I have been to what I consider the top, maybe I didn't have as much money as some people but I have more love then I would have ever imagined I deserved!! I am so thankful for my Husband, and my kids and GRANDKIDS, and my parents and sister's and friends. What more in the world do I need, really? I wish everyone could know the love that I feel on a day to day basis! That is my wish for the world today. To know that they are loved and that they can love without reservation.

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