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Monday, May 17, 2010


I was going to maybe start blogging about my dreams but I was just telling JR the dream I had this afternoon when I laid down and I don't think that I want anyone trying to interpret what they might mean. Some of them get really crazy!!! For instance one part of my dream today was that I was walking to school and there was a sand walking path and I was mad because the "Gardner" had put a cactus right in the middle of the walk way. Then when I came around the corner my walk way went right into the the temple and there was this HUGE reflection pool made out of black marble (Gorgeous) and there was a missionary of Hispanic origin handing out these beautiful silver rings. Then when I was walking back he said some nasty things to me so I beat him up because he is a missionary and shouldn't be talking like that. Then I was looking out my front window and JR's brother (which he don't have one) was driving a truck and it had got washed off the road by high flood water's so I just walked right into the water and push it out so it could float down till there was a place for it to get back on the road.... see WEIRD!!!! I really don't think dreams mean anything because mine usually have something to do with what is on TV like when I woke up the news was on and they were talking about the snow pack this year and to be careful of rising river's and streams.

1 comment:

  1. You are so dang funny...I would love to be in your head and see all the crazy stuff going on in there...sure love ya...