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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Big Brother

So if you are not aware by now.... I am A HUGE BIG BROTHER fan!!! Tomorrow is the day that I get to start my 3 month obsession!!! OMG I can't wait, it is like the night before Christmas when I was little or the night before a basket ball game when I was teenager or the night before my wedding or a scheduled baby being born. Really I am not kidding I wish I was but I just love it.
The drama I get to watch on tv makes me not concentrate on the drama in my own life. (hehehehehe) I watch the live feeds I call into the live video call in program and last year I won a Big Brother shirt (I will be wearing it tomorrow in celebration).
I hope there is lots of drama! I have already watched all of the pre-interviews and have made my picks for who I like and don't like, of course these usually change with in day's of the live feeds but I will go out on a limb and give my opinions today. For my dislikes I really don't like Andrew, he is arrogant and a know it all and because of his religion seems to think all the rules should be changed to fit what he can and can't do. I don't like Reagan he thinks he is smarter and funnier then he really is, that annoys me. I super duper like Kathy, sheriff deputy, cancer survivor and beautiful what's not to like? I am afraid Monet is going to be too much of a whinny baby for the show but not quite the diva that Chima was last year....Tomorrow I will post a picture of me in my BB shirt but for today you just get to hear my initial take on this season ... oh yeah and PS I am putting it out there right now that I think the "saboteur" is going to be the super hunky Hayden!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kaylee!!

Today Kaylee turned 2 (I can't believe it) it really seems like yesterday that I was at the hospital watching her be born. That was such a great day!! That was the first time I had ever seen a baby born that wasn't my own, my first Granddaughter and a day I will remember as long as I live. I am so blessed to have her. (Grand kids ROCK!!!)
We had lot's of fun out at the part for Kaylee party today. We ran through the water at the splash pad and laughed and watched all her little friends play just like kids are supposed to.
Happy Birthday my little princess Grandma Loves you more then words could say!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day....

As you can tell I haven't turned into a true BLOGGER yet? We will keep hoping and praying for me to be able to do this ... why? I don't know because for some reason it sounds like the thing to do.
I honor of Father's Day I will do one today!!
My Husband!!!
There is so much I want to and could say about him!! First and foremost WHAT A MAN!!! I love him more then words could say. 13 years ago (this week as a matter of fact) I met and instantly fell in love with him. Because of my history I was bound and determined that I was going to jump right into another relationship until I knew for sure this one would last. With in weeks that was the furthest thing from my mind. I found myself trying to convince myself that I was just twitterpated and was making the same mistakes (I wasn't the only one) But JR stuck with it and would laugh at me every time I would try and be a "responsible adult" LOL When I finally gave up the fight was the best choice I had ever made, bar none, hands down, without a doubt!!!
He has always been the best thing that ever happened to me, and my kids. He has never made me doubt for even one second that I made a bad choice. He is the most caring, loving, sweet, romantic, funniest man I have ever met. He loves me unconditionally. He knows me better then I know myself and knows just how to make me feel better when I am sad, mad, or hurt and laughs at me when I am being goofy even when he don't feel like laughing. Thank you so much for making me the luckiest women on the planet by simply loving me YOU ROCK!!!!

See the one with the SHORT SHORTS and the fro? that would be my super cute hubby as a teenager!!!

My Dad!!!

He is the one of the most wonderful men in the whole world. I don't think you could search the whole world and would never find one single person that don't like him, I think that Say's A LOT!!! He was always the one in our family that would defuse situations and would make you laugh when you wanted to cry, I am sure that every single one of us girls could come up with a whole list of stories where he made us laugh in a bad situation. From going to check and see if the sidewalk was OK if we fell down to making a joke when someone we love has died or hurt us. And he has the best hug in the world when you just need a shoulder to cry on!! I love you more then you know Dad thank you for always being there for me and my family!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lifes been good to me so far...

I keep seeing so much bad in the world and even the little things like JR loosing his job, I just don't care. There is SOOOO much I have to be greatful for that I don't mind. I have complete faith that everything will work out that I can just wait for it to happen. I have been at the bottom and I have been to what I consider the top, maybe I didn't have as much money as some people but I have more love then I would have ever imagined I deserved!! I am so thankful for my Husband, and my kids and GRANDKIDS, and my parents and sister's and friends. What more in the world do I need, really? I wish everyone could know the love that I feel on a day to day basis! That is my wish for the world today. To know that they are loved and that they can love without reservation.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I was going to maybe start blogging about my dreams but I was just telling JR the dream I had this afternoon when I laid down and I don't think that I want anyone trying to interpret what they might mean. Some of them get really crazy!!! For instance one part of my dream today was that I was walking to school and there was a sand walking path and I was mad because the "Gardner" had put a cactus right in the middle of the walk way. Then when I came around the corner my walk way went right into the the temple and there was this HUGE reflection pool made out of black marble (Gorgeous) and there was a missionary of Hispanic origin handing out these beautiful silver rings. Then when I was walking back he said some nasty things to me so I beat him up because he is a missionary and shouldn't be talking like that. Then I was looking out my front window and JR's brother (which he don't have one) was driving a truck and it had got washed off the road by high flood water's so I just walked right into the water and push it out so it could float down till there was a place for it to get back on the road.... see WEIRD!!!! I really don't think dreams mean anything because mine usually have something to do with what is on TV like when I woke up the news was on and they were talking about the snow pack this year and to be careful of rising river's and streams.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


I love Sunday! I know some people love Sunday because it is church day and they can go and get their religious cup refilled. NOT ME.. I love Sunday's because I can stay in my Jammies all day long!!! Lazy? NO! Comfortable!!! I work 6 day's a week so Sunday is the one day that I can turn off the alarms and just wake up when I feel like it, nice and slow, watch some TV, do some laundry, and refill my I have to work again tomorrow cup... And I get to spend the whole day with my sweetheart!! Feels like a religious experience to me.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The best part of life...

We got to play with Kenny and Vinnie tonight, Oh how much I love being a Grandma!!! They are so freaking cute! It is cool with your own kids you see their milestones and watch them grow but I think it is more noticeable when you are the Grandparents and you don't see them every day. Kenny is going to be 5 this year it feels like just a few weeks ago that he was born. Time really does go faster the older you get. We have the best of both worlds, we still have kids at home and then Kaylee is living at our house with Jake and Angie, then Kenny and Vinnie that live here in town, and then we have Lillian and Jay R who we get to see when they come home on visits. If I could change anything it would be that they all lived closer!!! I really love my life!! That is such a good feeling!!!